Copywriter and Creative Director



My name is Jack Fund. I’m a freelance copywriter and creative director for hire. And I’d love to do a project for you.

For me, advertising is about the idea.

It’s about craft. And passion. And empathy. And ingenuity. And amplification. And engagement. And a clear and purposed point of view that helps solve real business problems. All of which can be creatively voiced in any message in any medium in the new communication and technological landscape.

From automobiles to aerospace, pet food to pizza and high-tech to heck just about every category, I’ve created, written and overseen noteworthy ads, commercials, content and integrated campaigns for a wide variety of top blue-chip brands at some of the best advertising agencies in the country.

Along the way, my creative work has helped win plenty of new business pitches, launch numerous new products and break all kinds of sales records. Not to mention being acknowledged by every major award show and publication in the business, as well as being included in a couple of text books and a museum.

What else can I tell you about me. I graduated from the University of Oregon School of Journalism. I've been a chef, basketball coach, short film writer, vintage automobile restorer and guest speaker at the San Francisco Academy of Art and Art Center in Pasadena. I've lived in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and currently reside in Portland. The ever-changing challenges, constant learning curve and creative problem solving that advertising presents each and every day continues to excite me. There is no other profession of which I'd rather be a part.

What’s the best ad I’ve ever done? Truth be told, I probably haven’t done it yet. Maybe it will be for you.



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